waste incinerator
waste incinerator(garbage/rubbish/ trash/ litter burning furnace)




2022 China Made  Waste Incinerator For burning  all kinds of rubbish/garbage/trash/litter 

1.Brief Introduction

    Garbage is the solid waste generated in human daily life and production. Due to its large discharge volume, complex and diverse components, and its pollution, resource and social nature, it needs harmless, resource-based, reduced and socialized treatment. If it cannot be handled properly, it will pollute the environment, affect environmental sanitation, waste resources, destroy the safety of production and life, and destroy social harmony. Garbage disposal is to remove the garbage quickly, carry out harmless treatment, and finally use it rationally. The most widely used waste disposal methods today are sanitary landfills and incineration. The purpose of garbage disposal is harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction.

     Incineration is the combustion reaction of the combustible components in the garbage with the oxygen in the air to make it into inorganic matter, and the incineration treatment can reduce the volume by 80%-90%. The new technology independently developed by our company realizes high-temperature decomposition and multi-stage combustion to reach 3T+ E-combustion standard and national flue gas emission standard, the temperature of waste incineration is as high as 850 degrees Celsius, breaking the traditional incinerator with diesel combustion engine for combustion, and subsequent multiple sets of high-energy-consuming anti-lock systems for flue gas treatment, truly achieving smokeless, odorless, and pollution-free .

2.Technical Specification

Furnace net size
Capacity100-150kg/hour( dry garbage)
Exhaust emissions
Burning methodHigh temperature multi-stage vortex air curtain
Types of incineratorsWaste with humidity below 40% except metal products, construction waste and glass
Feeding type manual
Water pump 3.0kw
Induced draft fan1.5kw
Spray circulating water 0.7m3

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