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24 inch Cutter Suction Dredger

24 inch Cutter Suction Dredger

Product Features:

1. The cutter suction dredger could be used in inland waterways,  lakes, coastal areas  for projects of desilting and sand dredging.
2. Customized according to dredging depth, working capacity and discharge distance.
3. The cutter suction dredger is of dismountable structure, and can be divided into mechanical type, semi-hydraulic type, all-hydraulic type according to the different operating methods.
4. Dredging pump is driven by main diesel engine placed in main central pontoon, and auxiliary engine provides power to cutter head, winches, spuds and lighting system.
 Name  YLCSD7000
 Hydraulic cutter suction dredger with depth 15m
 Type  Cutter suction dredger
 Dredger after assembly  L*W*H 43*10.5*3.0m
 Engine room pontoon  L*W*H 22*4.5*3.0m
 Side pontoon  L*W*H 34*3.0*3.0m
 Structure  can be dismantle and assemble at working site
 Max. Dredging depth  15m
 Discharge distance  2000m
 Average draught  1.6m
 Diameter of suction pipe  850mm
 Diameter of discharge pipe  750mm
 Working capacity  1400m3/h
 Water flow  7000m3/h
 Main engine power  2013kw
 Auxiliary engine power  582kw
 Hydraulic winch  200kn
 Hydraulic cutter power  340kw
 Diameter of spud  760mm
 Max. Fuel consumption  457L/H

We also can supply other configurations upon customer’s request.

For the solution or quotation, please inform us:
1. the required work capacity of water flow
2. the max. dredging depth
3. the discharge distance


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